mi chiami chris

i don't want a gender
get them away from me
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TJ the turtle #art

what a weirdo #snake #face #sandboa #kenyansandboa #cutie

hmu on snapchat im tymondogg

apparently my dad likes joan jett??? radical B) #joanjett #record

cutie tho #rat #hairlessrat #face

boaty doesn’t want to watch james bond #boaty #cat

#boaty #cat #orange

I wish these pills didn’t make me look like a whale. Chronic pneumonia sucks. I want chicken nuggets.

Anonymous asked: woah ur like the cutest deer

No I’m not I’m on steroids my face is puffy and I’m pissed off but thanks

I hate people on this website. The frog is literally an inch long and it was going to freeze to death if I left it outside. It’s a fucking frog. A goddamn fucking frog. It has like the nicest terrarium east of the Mississippi and I’m being given shit for taking him from his “home”. It’s a frog oh my God don’t get all PETA on me you asshole