ziggy || 16 || piece of glam garbage

needs counseling from jimmy destri

trash wave is my aesthetic
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brb gotta find joe strummer


I KNOW IT’S SO CRAZY. it used to be like everything i had was made by sakura but the art store here stopped selling most of their products so now everything is prismacolor
but hey their markers smell great at least

I’m drawing Jimmy and Clem wow

all of my art supplies are made by prismacolor like literally I’m not even kidding all of them are prismacolor


Whenever you’re sad remember that Johnny Rotten fell out with Siouxsie Sioux because in the 70s he went to her flat and all she did was brag about her new washing machine and he was offended.


5th January 1977 // Paradiso Club - Amsterdam, Netherlands

hangin with the baes

if you wanna be my lover you gotta listen to david bowie